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Suncoast Hospice Institute has attracted attention as a leader and innovator in hospice and palliative care education and research. We have developed academic partnerships with colleges and universities and strategic partnerships with other hospice industry leaders.
LeadingAge and Suncoast Hospice/Suncoast Hospice Institute joined together to produce the first Leading Age Report addressing the collaborative opportunity to provide quality end –of-life care for residents of nursing facilities. The white paper describes the potential for the perfect partnership between hospice/palliative care programs, specialists with expertise in end of life care and nursing homes, specialists in long term management of the frail elderly.

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Academic Partners

Suncoast Hospice, Suncoast Hospice Institute's parent, was one of the founding members of The Center for Hospice, Palliative Care and End-of-life Studies at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. It is a disciplinary partnership center that connects academic faculty and research expertise with community provider research and clinical expertise to identify best practices and disseminate the latest research on a wide range of end-of-life issues.
The center supports research collaboration, funds pilot research grants to faculty, graduate students and provider researchers, funds graduate fellowships, and sponsors national educational conferences and seminars. The community benefits through the access it gains to patients and families, which enables the sharing of practical advice on how to maximize the benefits to patients, families and care providers.

Affiliate Partners


Suncoast Hospice is a not-for-profit organization committed to serving those living with chronic and or terminal illnesses, nearing the end of life, or experiencing grief. For 35 years, Suncoast Hospice has cared for patients and helps to guide their families as they provide care and make decisions.

Suncoast Hospice is community based, offering comprehensive hospice and palliative care, caregiver education, individual and group counseling, spiritual support and many other programs to those it serves regardless of race, age, faith, diagnosis or financial circumstances.


Suncoast Solutions is a software development company dedicated to improving the quality of care for hospice patients and families through state-of-the-art technology.  

Suncoast Solutions focuses its services on hospice and palliative care providers and home health organizations exclusively. This focus has helped Suncoast Solutions become the premier software company in its industry, serving one in four hospice patients throughout the U.S.