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Hospice Terms for Kids

This is an E-product and available immediately through download.

Hospice Terms for Kids

This booklet is a "must have" resource to help parents, caregivers, counselors, physicians, nurses and other healthcare and hospice professionals and volunteers talk with kids!

Children have many questions and concerns about themselves and others in the midst of serious and life-limiting illness.  This booklet can be used as a tool to open, create and guide kid-friendly conversations throughout the process of illness.  Written by practice-based hospice pediatric specialists and hospice education and training experts, Hospice Terms for Kids helps explain illnesses, treatments and hospice terminology to a child.

This is an E-product and available immediately through download.

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Title: Hospice Terms for Kids

Author: Suncoast Hospice

Last Reviewed/Updated Date: 3/19/2012 10:49:15 AM


Instructor Method: Booklet

Package Contains: downloadable booklet

Applies to: Social Workers/Counselors, Nurses, Chaplains, Nurses Aides,Volunteers, Physicians, Pediatric Hospice Staff, Hospice Inpatient Facilities, Hospice Educators and Trainers

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